Fractional Sales Executive Program

OnPoint’s FSE program provides your company with a senior level sales executive (10yrs+ experience) who will become an extension of your company.  You will have a dedicated seasoned sales executive that is partnered with a business development rep (BDR) and a senior sales management executive. 

How Our Dedicated Outsourced REPS Work For You


The first step in our FSE program is to analyze your current business. We will review your current GTM plan, sales materials, market analysis and any market and social media programs


During the first 30 days we learn all about your products, value proposition and goals. We will develop sales script and other sales material that may be needed.


Our business development reps (BDRs) working in conjunction with our Fractional Sales Executives (FSEs), can either utilize your existing database of prospects, help you to secure target lists or prospect on their own to find potential opportunities


Our team qualifies all leads and make sure that they are a fit for your offering. Utilizing the BANT Framework, we ensure that they have the budget, authority, need and a specific time frame to move forward.


We will work the qualified leads following our proven sales process and turn them into paying customers


OnPoint is happy to put our money where our mouth is. As a part of our FSE Program, OnPoint’s 3x Sales Guarantee offers our clients the option to take advantage of a truly unique program that no other company like us has the confidence to offer. OnPoint guarantees that your company will realize new revenue growth that is at least three times more than the annual retainer fee paid. If we don’t, we will reimburse you for any difference. This is like an insurance policy on your sales revenue. Ask us how we can guarantee your sales.

Working with you, we will define the sales goal and then put a plan in place that will allow us to achieve the desired results.  Prior to starting, we will review your sales collateral, go to market strategy and other relevant information, and provide suggestions for improving such based upon our experience. If needed, we can also work with you to develop and or improve upon what you already have, from sales sheets to websites.

Why You Need OnPoint's FSE Program

The FSE and BDR work for your company and as such will interface with prospects as an “employee” of your company. Once we start, in addition to product training and making sure that they have a good sense of the corporate mission and message, they will identify the prospects and personas that they will pursue, develop their pitch, refine sales decks and begin to reach out to the market.

Close deals.

Boost revenue.

Growing your business isn’t easy. You need a partner ready to create the sales strategy, build the team, launch the tools, optimize, and stay agile along the way.

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