Virtual Sales VP Program

Need help improving your sales? Let an Outsourced VP of Sales manage the daily/weekly sales activities. Your Virtual Sales VP (VSVP) will manage all the work involved with running your sales team, including hiring, training, leading weekly sales meetings, creating compensation plans, setting metrics, holding the team accountable and much more,




The first step in our VSVP program is to analyze your current business and needs. We will identify any gaps and weaknesses that exist. This analysis will include a review of the current sales team as well as any processes We will also review of your current GTM paln and sales meterials.

Develop a Plan

Once the gaps and issues have been identified your VSVP will then develop a plan that will allow your company to meet its goals and expectations

Execute on the Plan

Putting a plan in place is the easy part. Executing on the plan is the key to our success. This will include : building processes that work, implementing the program and tools and managing the team to make sure the goals are achieved

Deliver Results

Results are not just about the numbers they are about a repeatable proccess and program that works and that the team is able to continually execute on.

We will develop a customized plan that puts a structure and system in place that will allow your company to move to the next level.  Based upon your company’s needs, the cost of this program will vary.  We are happy to provide you a no cost initial review and proposal that will outline the program that we feel your company needs to achieve your goals.

Close deals.

Boost revenue.

Growing your business isn’t easy. You need a partner ready to create the sales strategy, build the team, launch the tools, optimize, and stay agile along the way.

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